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This 6 week training is for anyone looking to make an income online. This course outlays step by step on how to start your own e-commerce store. The methods & strategies taught will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to have the confidence knowing what to do and how to do it.
The methods in this course have been used to help me generate over $2,000,000 in online sales.

This course is beginner friendly and shows ALL the components to get you started and generate sales online from the comfort of your laptop.

The strategy taught in this training DOES NOT require you to hold inventory or pay for any products upfront. This results in low overhead and a lot less work from your end.

Whether you are just looking for some side income or want to replace your full time job this course will help you do just that!
Who Am I?
My name is Lawrence Aponte. 
I'm a 32 year old high school dropout that's been to prison not once but twice. I know what it means to have NOTHING. I know the feeling of being lost, confused and without a purpose.
Been there, Done that.

When I started making money online 4 years ago I had no clue where to start. In fact I lost so much money in the beginning stages I didn't think I would ever "crack" the code. 

After trial and error along with a ton of sleepless nights. I finally "figured" it out. 

My first taste of success came from selling T-Shirts.
I would come up with crazy & funky designs then  try to sell them on social media. This kinda worked for a couple of designs but quickly saw I was running out of ideas and also spending a lot of money testing different designs.
Then I was introduced to the world of "drop-shipping." 

Dropshipping is great because it allows you to have access to thousands of items that you can sell without actually having to hold or own ANY inventory! This is a gamechanger because your overhead costs are EXTREMELY LOW and you also have access to a HUGE catalog of items to sell.

I caught onto dropshipping pretty fast.

Within my first 14 days I quickly generated $10,000. Within 30 days I did over $30,000+. And within just 90 days I had done more than $100,000+ in online sales!!


This was by far the MOST money I had ever seen. 

As you can imagine I was FIRED up after reaching success so quickly. 

The funny thing is that although I was making money. I still didn't really know what I was doing. 

This is when I went seeking for help and guidance.

I ended up joining a HIGH LEVEL Mastermind to seek mentor-ship and to be surround by others with like-minded goals.

The cost was $10,000. By far the MOST money I had ever spent!! ( I didn't even own a car). 

But the ROI ( return on investment) by far surpassed the money I had invested in myself.

 The circle of friends and network of people I was introduced to took my game to the next level. 

I trained with the BEST. Hung out with the BEST. I became the BEST version I could become.

Remember YOU become the 5 people you hang out with the most!

Fast Forward 3 years...

It has been a rocky road being an entrepreneur but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I have personally been involved and help generate millions of dollars online. I have helped and mentored 100s if not 1000s of people online directly and indirectly.

I've spoken at events where the attendance has been in the thousands. I haven't had a "real" job in over 4 years. I travel whenever I have the chance ( quite frequently). 

Three of my students that I have help mentor have generated more than $1,000,000+ online.

Businesses pay me $1,000s of dollars monthly to help them with online marketing & strategies. 

The road of entrepreneurship isn't easy. That's why I made this course. It's easy to understand and very in detailed.

I recorded over 100 videos showing you EVERYTHING you need to know to start your own online business.

I've taken all the knowledge & resources I've accumulated over the years and put the information in easy to understand videos that show you Step by Step on how to do it.

I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars investing in myself & surrounding myself with the network to help me succeed. 

And now you can have access to that for a fraction of the cost I paid.

I know what it takes to go from Nothing to Something.

If I can do it... So can you!!

Allow me to SHOW you how...

I'll see you on the inside!
Public Speaking Event 
Back when I ran a fulfillment center from home
Good "problems" to have 
Always a Helper :)
A mentor a day keeps the bills away
Joshua Velazquez
Mastermind Attendee
Hawaii Mastermind - Sponsored by Teechip
With past student - Sofia - Showing off products sold
Ryan Gillette - Lifepreneur
Frank Abangle Jr.
Catch me if you can
One of my mentors - Chris Record
An Investment in Knowledge pays the BEST interest
Live Trainings
Off to the post office
Hosting a MasterMind with 40+ attendees
Thailand Travels - Mobile business only need wifi :)
Full load to the post office
Jason Nast - eComIsland Owner
Marketer's Mansion Mastermind Founders
Expert Panel
Las Vegas NV
Speaking on Stage in front of thousands
Hanging with G-Money
Flying private with some friends
Jeff Fagin -
Million Dollar Masterminding
Old Paycheck of mine
Inmate Photo
It's not about where you been, but where you are going!
Notable Mentions
Inc. Magazine Article
"Now This" Inspired Video
What is covered?
6 Weeks of Training
Week 1
Foundation & Store Set-up
Here you will learn everything you will need to know when it comes to building up your store. We go over topics including but not limited to picking the perfect domain name, getting a professional logo made, shipping and return policies, getting a business email & phone #  installing your Facebook pixel and much more
Week 2
Product & Supplier Research
Since week 1 was all about setting up your store and getting the foundation built, Week 2 is all about product and supplier research. Here I share with you several different contacts and suppliers you can use to source products. I also share tools you can use to research hot items. Remember... You are just ONE product away from hitting it BIG!!
Week 3
Putting Everything into Perspective
Week 1 and 2 helped us to setup our store and find suppliers with hot products to sell. Week 3 puts everything into perspective. I share with you different sale strategies. I show you how to add products and also write the perfect descriptions. In this week I even show you the BEST credit card you should be using.

Week 4
Facebook Ads
Weeks 1,2, and 3 helped us build a store, find suppliers and also add products. Week 4 helps with getting visitors to your store. I focus on Social Media traffic. In this week I show you what you need to know about Facebook ads. This week is very in detailed ( about 30 videos). Facebook ads are is the granddaddy when it comes to data. Here I show you how to use them.
Week 5
More Pieces of the Puzzle
The first 4 weeks taught you a lot! You have a store up and running with products from suppliers you found in week 2. Week 4 helped generate traffic. Now in week 5 I share with you more pieces of the puzzle along with optimization strategies for your ads and store. I help you to understand why and how changes should be made.
Week 6
Tricks & Strategy
Week 6 wraps everything up. By this time you will have a complete understanding and the know how on how to build an online eCom store from scratch. In this week I share with you several techniques that have helped my generate sales using unique viral video methods. By this time I also generate over $5,000 in sales with a brand new store.
Course Itinerary
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
"This course leaves NOTHING behind" - James Barber
What Others Say...
Don't Just take my word for it. See what other's have to say.
See what others have to say that have gone thru the course
America Tarectecan - Dallas TX
" This is one of the greatest investments that I've made throughout my Ecom journey"
Aws Altayar - Bellvue WA
" This is a legit course. It's one of the best ones out there."
Brent Phillips - Ontario Canada
Lawrence was helping me out before he even told me about his course gave me pointers and tips that helped right away."
Victor Huerta - Chandler AZ
"He takes you Step by Step to build your store A-Z."
Chris Knight - Scottsdale AZ
"I had an amazing experience. I learned more in this short period then i have learned in programs that lasted over 6 months."
Bruno Casillas - Watsonville CA
"Everything is there! Nothing left out!"
Jonathan Long - Phoenix AZ
"Week 1 all the to Week 6 is full of value."
Francis Gonzales -Blomington MN
"Lawrence Aponte is an Amazing coach, I highly recommend him."
Daniel Gomez - Dallas TX
"I've learned a lot from you. Thanks a lot."
Mike Wynn - Somewhere around the world
"He has shown us to start a brand new store and make money. Cha ching"
Al Tee - Green Bay WI
" This saved me so much time. He mentioned things I would have not even thought of."
Obi Ukaegbu - Bay Area CA
" Thank you so for taking your time putting this together. It was very helpful and detailed."
Will you be the next testimonial? 
What is Included?
- 6 Week complete course

- Private Facebook Group for support 

-Over 100 training videos - step by step

- Q4BLITZ Resource Guide 

- Access to me via support group if you get stuck

- Facebook Lives to answer questions

-Network of like minded individuals

-List of suppliers to use

-Automation tools to make things easy

-Strategies resulting in over $2,000,000+ in sales 

-Priceless Knowledge
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